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Waste Not

My professional experience as an urban planner mainly includes urban design and urban transformation projects, environmental plans, and research on sustainability and self-sufficient cities. Currently, I am continuing my studies on how to reduce waste in cities and even cities which don’t produce waste with this project of which the aim is to realize the dream of a world without waste. 

New York City (Steady) State "Waste Not"

Climate change and sustainable development is among the top issues in the world's agenda is. The rapidly increasing amount of garbage is among the main causes of climate change, and the main reason for the rapidly increasing amount of garbage is the consumption economy and consumption society. This project is one of the chapters of Terreform UR's New York City (Steady) State project founded by Michael Sorkin. The aim of the project is to explore how this world can be realized, starting with the city of New York, starting with the dream of a world without garbage. 

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