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Vocational Education 

The basis of City Planning education is to understand that cities are living organisms. Dynamic, ever-changing living organisms. As an urban planner, this is what amazes me the most. Every city has a mind, soul and body. Just like humans. And there is no city without people. In fact, urban planning is to regulate this bond between the city and the people. While I was bringing my education in plan and designing cities to the doctorate level and even doing a master's degree, I rediscovered how wonderful this bond is and how comprehensive my profession is.


During my undergraduate education, because the design scale of cities attracted my attention, I worked the relationship between urban conservation and urban design in my master's thesis; as my doctoral thesis on contemporary approaches in urban design and the effects of new urbanism in Turkey. 

After completing the Urban Design master's program at the City College of New York, I focused on sustainable and self-sufficient cities. Currently, my work is focused on the ways of achieving zero waste in cities. 

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