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What I am Doing? 

Every person's life has a story, every city has a story as well. While cities are enriched with the stories of people living in them, they also become the scene for these stories to be lived. My effort in investigating the 'difficulties' in my story and their reasons led me to discover how important it is to work with the human energy field and to gain more comprehensive knowledge about it.

In fact, the trainings that I received on this subject aimed to improve myself. Where I am today, I am aware of the importance of doing my best so that this is understood by everyone. That's why I work both to make the world a better, more livable place and also to share the ways which people can improve themselves and their lives. 

Each person has situations in their life which they define as problems. And instead of complaining from these situations and loosing ourselves if we take a step back and look we will see that there are repeating scenes. My journey in searching the reason for these I gained a comprehensive knowledge, got many trainings, took teacher trainings. These trainings and the ones that I am sharing are here.  



Reiki is an extremely easy and powerful healing system performed with the contact of the hands. All living bodies, whether human or animal, radiate heat and energy. This energy is the life force itself and is known as Chi or Ki. According to the life force energy of Reiki, the energy channels in the body of the person who is tuned as a Reiki healer are opened. After attuning to Reiki 1, the receiver becomes an instrument of this universal healing energy. The attunements received in Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 strengthen the recipient's ability to control and direct Ki.  


Therapy with Stones

All stones have one thing in common: they come from the hot magma that makes up the earth. They are composed of dust, sand, chemicals and invisible acids that dissolve in water. 

Since the beginning of humanity, stones have been a subject of great curiosity with their fascinating colors and properties. The use of stones in therapy is thousands of years old. 

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Bio-Touch Healing

Bio Magnetic Touch healing is an alternative/complementary medicine method and relies on the healer's use of bio-magnetic energy. This approach originated in the United States through the International Biomagnetic Energy Foundation (IFBM). 

The application of this method is based on the healer or practitioner touching certain points on the patient's skin, which are defined as the energy centers of the body and which revitalize the body in areas that are corrupt or sick.


ZSG Synergistic Healing

It is a method developed by Zeynep Sevil Guven as a result of her 25 years of experience. It is based on the principle that everything in our lives is our reflection and like attracts like. This is what creates the diseases, and healing is accomplished by transmuting the vibrations that create these conditions within the person. 


Mindfulness-Based Yoga

How aware are we of our body? How connected are we to our body? If this connection is broken, no matter what physical exercise we perform, no healing takes place in the body. Mindfulness-based yoga focuses on improving interoception and proprioception and balancing the nervous system rather than acrobatic yoga moves. Therefore, by offering a more holistic ability to act, it opens space for deeper healing.  

BBM (Breath-Body-Mind) Breathing Practices

BBM Breathing Practices, are breathing practices developed by Dr. Richard Brown and Dr.  Patricia Gerbarg based on scientific research findings with the aim of improving and increasing physical and mental health. The benefits of the practices have been seen in healthcare workers, individuals with psychiatric and medical problems, children at risk, veterans, active-duty soldiers, research projects, and disaster survivors such as survivors of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, the Haiti earthquake, and slavery in Sudan.

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