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Practices that I am Sharing


"Healing has only one source: the irresistible, wise, and unlimitedly powerful healer within us. This healer has the power to heal everything. The reason a person gets sick is because their inner healer is blocked and weakened by their careless lifestyle. This is what I try to do when I want to cure a person. The only thing is to restore the healer in him." Paracelsus

Healing is a process. We all have the ability to heal ourselves. At the root of both physical and mental health problems is the damage to our inner healer. The causes of these damages vary from person to person, healing processes are different for everyone. However, there is only one basis, and that is the healing process, the process of remembering that the will to heal for all of us is in our hands. There are many methods in this direction. You can find my presentation of these methods here. 

Practices that 
I am Sharing


ZSG Synergistic Healing

Individual Sessions


Therapy with Stones

Therapy with Stones Individual Session

Therapy Training with Stones 


BBM Breath Practices 

Individual Classes

Group Classes


Meditation/Breath Awareness 

Individual Classes

Group Classes


Bio-Touch HealingTM

Practitioner Training

Certified Practitioner Training



Reiki First Degree Training

Reiki Second Degree Training

Reiki Tertiary Training

Reiki Mastery Training


Mindfulness-Based Yoga

Individual Classes

Group Classes

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